Writer's Workshop: 10 Good Things about Mickey

My Top Ten  Favorite People are.... Oh wait, one of my favorite people...top ten about them.  Got it.

Dang, my top ten favorite people was going to be fun because of who I could leave off in no particular order, but I don't have time to screw around because I am busy teaching 13 year-olds what amounts to class or crass in a world where "pole-dancing fitness class" is advertised on the evening news.


...in no particular order, as the order is subject to change on a given day.

1. His name is Mickey.  Being from Upstate New York, his dad was a Yankees fan. When his mom emerged from the general anesthesia, the deed was done. Mickey Charles.  After Number Seven, Mickey Mantle--Oklahoman and Greatest Switch Hitter of all time.  She thought she'd show him, she'd add her maiden name, as her dad's name was Charles Murlin.  The Mick's wife's name?  You guessed it.  Merlyn.
 2. Blue Eyes.

A switch hitter with blue eyes.

3.My husband is "crazy-good" at his job.  A number of his peers, gifted people in their own right, are baffled that the man just doesn't realize the scope of his ability. Who am I to argue?

Being crazy good at his job.

4. His patience. We will celebrate our 20th anniversary this July.  He hasn't thrown poo at the boss and come home and announced "Daddy's gonna be working from home, now.  Won't that be fun!"  Knock. On. Wood.  (Oops.  Um, Hey.  Honey, could you give me a call.  I have a quick question.)  [Don't think, friends. It's not a paying game.]

a very patient facial expression 

4. I love to watch him mow the lawn.  Or swing a golf club.  Or play ball with the children in the backyard.
5. He practically never tells me, "No."
6. He never gets ready in the morning the same way twice.  Has no idea.  God knew that a man with a good solid case of OCD would create a "kill or be killed"scenario with me.  Or maybe murder-suicide.  Either way, an undesirable situation.  That said....
7. He is currently pretending to have overcome his obsession with the time.  He consults the atomic clock GMT online to set his Timex Ironman Triathlon,which he then uses to set all the clocks in his world.

Timex T5K156 Ironman Digital Watch

Yet.  He is seldom on time.

 He NEVER removes the watch.

Separately from the fact that he doesn't call when he is derailed from his mission to travel the 1.68 mi. from his desk to our front door.  I think this is about as good as it gets in the personal idiosyncrasy department. He could be a hunter.**
 8. This song:

He was 15 the summer it came out.  He seems to bear no ill-will toward Toni Basil.  He tunes it out (or, alternatively,  last night, he did that head-tilt thing like A Night at the Roxbury).
9. When he finally makes a decision, it is practically fool-proof.
   9a. He ALWAYS consults me.
His consulting-with-me-at-the-pizza-place posture.
10. He laughs at my jokes.  (Sometimes, he hides and laughs at my jokes.  I don't know why.)  He lets people think I am the funny one.
Found on my camera. 1 of 20.  Ha Ha.  Batteries cost money, Bub.

11. He loves Jesus.  Me.  The kids.  The first dog.  Baseball.  Coffee. Architecture. Golf.  Coca Cola. The second dog.  In that order, right, Honey?

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**I compare with the husbands of my acquaintances.  He hates this.  But seriously, it reminds me how lucky I am that the worst habit my husband has is a pleasure compared to the stuff I know about my friends' husbands.  To say nothing of what I don't know.  Doesn't everyone do this?


Jackie said...

Sounds like a keeper, even if he's named after a Yankee. (We're Phillies faithful!)

Unknown said...

He sounds like a good man. Now, just so I know... Pole-Dancing Fitness is CLASSY, right?

Emily said...

Visiting from Mama Kat's workshop. What a sweet tribute! Makes me smile.

Amanda said...

Yup, I have to agree with all the rest. Lovely read!

Anonymous said...

Well he sounds like a pretty good guy..never telling you no...a saint I say and a good judge of character...lucky man...lucky you!
Just dropped in from mama kat..and glad I did!

Heather said...

Love your favorite things. My husband would have totally named our son something like Gehrig if I would have let him!

Emmy said...

Wait so his dad put the name on the birth certificate without asking his mom?? Too funny.
Sounds like a wonderful guy. Thanks so much for all of the kind comments on my blog today.

Simoney said...

Great funny cute post!!!
Loved it.
The watch thing made me SMILE.
My hubby's worst idiosyncrasies are (1) his obession with dust (2) his obession with security. But like you said it could be A LOT WORSE!!!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

What a great post and a great idea. I'm going to head over to Mama Kat's and check out this workshop. Thanks.