Blissdom Blow Up

While I was at Blissdom, they kept referring to things, "blowing up", meaning that they got big, fast.  When I use it, I am referring to the thing that happens when you move toward something good, and it seems that life explodes with distractions.  Oh.  That kind.


That kind.

No more.  Here are the pics from Blissdom.  I have tried to write about it for 2 weeks, and I can't reduce it to a manageable size.  It was awesome and might change my life, if I can beat down the distractions long enough to apply all the inspiration.

I stayed off site.  My room was clean, comfortable, quiet and I got to control the thermostat.  It was a hassle. Live and learn. For a thousand reasons, I will stay on-site next year.  

Really?  Who approved this?  Hilarious.

Ashley and Shell included me in dinner Thursday.  Thanks!*
 It was a great dinner.  I got to soak in the wisdom about blogging and what kind of an event this is, and....mac and cheese.  I didnt' get the recipe, but I think it might have included shredded $5 bills.

Might as well have been.

Maddie Kertay
I randomly sat down next to Maddie of One Hot Marriage.  Turns out, she went to high school in a suburb that adjoined the one I lived in, graduated a year after me, and knew at least one person I was good friends with.

Esther and Alia
Meet Esther and Alia.  I reeeeally enjoyed getting to know both of them.  Alia of Narrow Paths to Higher Places and I tied on our hiking shoes to go to dinner.  On the way to the burger joint, we passed Esther of Coupons Make It Free and Megan Tietz of Sorta Crunchy who were also enjoying the best available value for dinner-- burgers & fries.  The onions about killed me.  Apologies, Esther and Alia.  Seriously, I was so honored to meet them.

After dinner, we got funky wid it at the Lorax party.

Esther in "Full On Party" Mode
Seriously, the reason this post is so long coming is that blogger and my photos don't get on.  Kind of like a high school boyfriend and your sister who's not buying his crap, but you won't listen to her.

I digress.

Beth had the party started when we showed up.
I was playing like the wind was blowing me away.  Shut up.

Lisa of Franny Bolsa... Love.  Her.

 Seriously.  I was only staying that late, because they promised me Joe Jonas.  That is to say.  My daughters.  Are. 14.

Can he even freaking sing? I don't even know.
No, you may not borrow the car keys. It will do no good to beg.

Okay.  Here is where I explain.  I failed to get photos of the speakers or leaders of sessions.  Because...well, I tried to blame my technology, but the truth is I was all up in my own brain after those sessions, and it never occurred to me.

Check out these "Ess-On-Their-Chest" super heroes:

Jeff Goins Writer
Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder
Jon Acuff's Blog
Her Bad Mother

Life has been trying to squeeze all I learned, dreamed and decided, out of the picture.  Some scary stuff ( They are real and they are spectacular! They are also cancer free. Stay tuned.) and some good stuff on the horizon(When I know; you'll know.).

Last night I realized what was going on.  I put my foot down.  Life is not going to steal this precious gift.

Just to let you know.  I will not be backing up or down. I came away with the word fierce from another session.  Here it is in short form...


1) Prejudice: racial and otherwise.  I realized I have a call to this issue.  Like clean drinking water or Tom's shoes.   Hearts.  I am called to hearts.  Those of my children.  (See number 2.)  And those of people we call, "well-meaning" when we don't want to call them, "out".
2) Parenting my children without apologizing to them for my chronic un-hipness.(spell-check can kiss my ass cheek, too.)  I may offend some people by saying that I don't think the whole wide world is able to raise the kids God gave me.  It's my job.  I will stand before Him.  Not the state legislature. Not Hil'ry.  Fabulous as she might be, she hasn't even met them. Not the UN. (See number 3).
3) There will be a certain amount of strikethrough cussing here.  I will be discussing my experiences with Christ and the Bible. On the same blog. I think it.  I am not fooling Jesus.  I don't need to fool you.  If I think I do, then I am fooling me.  God doesn't grade on the curve.  It's wrong, but so is rolling stop signs and throwing away soda cans. Turns out, I am a sinner.  Saved by grace.  I didn't stop being human when I was adopted into His family.
4) Adoption.  I'm back, Baby.  He made us different, a bit of an eclectic mix.  And I like it.  It lights me up like a drug.

How are you unique?  What makes you hum?  What is your vision for your blog?  How do you think God wants to use it?

*Please check out the links in this post.  They are diverse as they are quality.  I am humbled by the skill and talent of these people and that they would include me in their own precious Blissdoms.


Carrie - ASassyRedhead.com said...

YOU are friggin amazing and awesome all rolled up together!

I love this. Love it, sister!

And never again say you're not funny! I HOWLED all through the pics and the captions you added! What fun...and I am insanely jealous.

Insanely. You read that right.

The wind blowing you away in that pic is completely believable. I was screaming, "Hang on, Maggie! HANG ON!"

I love you more every time I read you, FB you, email you and see you. And the day is coming I can hug your neck!

Jennifer said...

Oh God I love you and your unapologetic wisdom. PLEASE WRITE MORE!

Alia said...

It was so awesome meeting you and getting to chat. Bring on the inspiration, I can't wait to see what you come up with this year on your blog. We can continue the chat next year on-site. ;)

Lisa Waszkiewicz @Franny Bolsa said...

You are fierce woman! I'm so so glad I got to meet you. You made the conference that much more fun. Loved this post. I can't wait to read more - with or without the punchies.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for including me! I have been a bit overwhelmed by inspiration and overrun by life since coming home myself! Time to settle down and start pouring my heart into my writing! And I adored your points there at the end! Amen sister!

Shell said...

Last year, we spend half the time at the Opryland and then had to switch hotels for the other half b/c they had sold out. It was a giant pain!

I loved getting to meet you!

Love what you have decided to stick to writing on here. I love the Lord, but He also knows exactly how I am, so I'm comfortable loving Him AND throwing out the occasional cuss. ;)