About Me

Accidentally by Design is a product of a broken heart.

I came to blogging after years of being told, "You should write," and even, "You should have a blog."  When we started out on our adoption journey and I found there were adoption bloggers, I thought we would move a little quicker than we did and there would result a story of our adoption to share with family, friends, and others who were adopting.  As the wait lengthened, I discovered other kinds of blogs.  By the time I traveled to China to get our son, I was hooked on blogging.

While I was in China, my family began to experience cyberstalking. I temporarily hid my blog for the protection of anyone who may have commented.  By the time I returned home, I no longer felt free to share.

The urge to write remained.

I had to decide that God knows what happened.  He knows me inside and out and is captivated by me like a Father should be.  He knows we didn't do anything to cause what happened.  And nothing, no, nothing, not ever, can derail His plan or separate me from his love.  The design remains intact.

So I re-tooled, and for the most part I keep this blog separate from the other.  Slowly, I am growing in the peace to maintain them both.  

Who am I?

44 years-old...yes, that is class of 1985.  Shut up.
Wife to one...Architect
Mom to three...all adopted; 13 year-old bi-racial identical (so not) twin girls who are smart, athletic, and gorgeous; 6 year-old Chinese boy, also smart, funny, curious; threw a ball for the first time ever, in a hotel the day before we came home from China.
Doula...those who can't; help those who can.
Living..."The South", historic neighborhood, crappy house with God Help Me good bones.
Homeschooling...degree in education and kids who can; if they will.
Coffee...the best part of waking up.
Dog...when we die a Red Fern will grow between our graves.  It is not okay how I feel about this dog.