Blog Break



~fading echo~




Between one thing (computer really wants to go be with Jesus, and so help me, it can't go soon enough to suit me),

and another (Changed ISP.  Mistake.),

and another (Sheesh, I wish I could write like Ann Voskamp. Jealous.)

and another...(Life is not serving up anything I can write about that I would want to read about.  A la..."Life is a [poop] sandwich and everyday we get to take a bite." Or.  "You can't polish a turd.")  I decided a rest from the blog is in order.

What I see reflected in me is not what I want to see.  I've been living less and accepting it.  Poverty is nothing to be ashamed of, and yet, I feel embarrassed to write about what is happening.

Suffice to say... This had better be rock bottom.

Our kids are healthy, we still have our home and my husband still has his thorn in the flesh job.

I should be thankful, and so help me I really have been trying.

I was relying too much on my daily "email, social media, blog" routine, and was unplugged from real life.  I needed a break. I was no longer able to separate circumstances from what I had control over.  I suddenly became aware of attitudes, behaviors, and choices that reflected an impoverished mind and an angry heart.

I found a lot of things that needed work.

Chiefly, me.

I will be back when I can laugh at myself again.

I am linking this post with Shell @ Things I Can't Say for PYHO (Pour Your Heart Out).