Puh... I ain't skurred of no Halloween.  My real life is scarier than your Halloween.


1)Wandered the streets of Beijing at night with my 64 year-old traveling companion, no guide, and incorrectly written directions.

2) Rode "_itch" in a pick up when the drunken passenger pulled a 9mm out from under the seat and the driver attempted to get it from him while the vehicle was in motion.

3) Rode a newly broke mustang.  I ended up with a little dot of dirt on the end of my nose.  I still have the spurs I 'earned'.

4) This is me. My Sunday school teacher's husband was the artist.  He changed my nose.

from Amazon

5. Adopted.

6. Attended three of my mother's five weddings.

7. Stayed married 20 years.

8. Fell off a loping horse and landed on my head.

9. Stepped on a soldering iron. 

10. Visited the Great Wall.

11.  Repaired my vacuum cleaner myself.

12.  Stood in the room with Burt Reynolds. He was casting Evening Shade at Kim Dawson, Dallas.  He was wearing platforms because he is little.

13.  Seen my child on a billboard.

14. Cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

15. Dined in a revolving restaurant.

16. Adopted a shelter pet.

17. Been bitten by a bad dog.

18. Stepped on a snake.

19. Waited until the truth came out regardless of how painful it was to keep my silence.

20. Used the regular old cloth diapers.

21. Gone in my basement.  Historic...It's historic. No. It's old and creepy.

22. Been honest and got loved.

BWHAHAHAHAAA.  True life is stranger than Jason, Freddie and Jamie Lee Curtis (seriously, I love her).

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