Girl, Please...I am Totally Cool with This. No, Really, I am

Day after tomorrow.

I leave for Blissdom in Nashville, TN.

This is big, my sisters (and like the two men who sometimes stop by, who NEVER leave a comment.).

The fb group for first timers has been a life saver.

It has also distracted me until I have gotten so little done in the last couple of weeks.  I am surprised I can even find my children.

I have found so little time to actually write a post, I am unsure whether I can still call myself a blogger.

I have looked at others' blogs until I am near panic-stricken:
 (1) All the newbies have fancy schmancy designs.  They keep saying, "I am just a small blogger."  People with like 300 followers.
 (2)  I have not seen one of their blogs before.  None of the speakers or "community leaders" is someone whose blog I've even stumbled across before.  Except for Shell.  I would imagine you won't be able to stir the crowd around her with a stick.
 (3)  I haven't had time to keep up with reading others blogs.  Exactly one half of the fun of this hobby.  Maybe I will hit the blogs I follow and see if anyone is going who won't be their first Bliss.

 I am staying off site at a two-star hotel.  If you've never had the experience, I will fill it in.  Two-star means that when they say non-smoking room, they mean that it isn't on fire.  It would be walking distance from the hotel if not for the over pass.  Yeah, I am not walking under there. My stuff will be at my room and I will be at the Opryland Resort.  I am thinking of ditching the fancy dress on Friday night and just wearing jeans. I am torn between staying up late shooting the sh*t with new friends and pouncing on the powerful wifi signal and getting some stuff done. And going to bed.  What seems like a big decision now, may not be in the moment.

Mickey sent me out shopping with the credit card last week.  Two reasons, one because when your man's friend hands him a Kohl's coupon and sends him to get some new clothes, you know he looks bad.  Mickey wouldn't get anything unless I did, so...Okay.  I have already lost one of my sweaters.   That's gratitude for ya.  If my girls did something like this I would be catatonic.  But overall, this is a fracking...YAY!!!

I would totally never have guessed that I needed business cards.  They were a big hurdle for me mentally.  I spent the money and then didn't know if they would arrive on time.  But they came today. 

And as you know, if you follow me on Twitter,  I am just not there very much.  But for these events, it is just about a necessity.  So, after a lot of soul searching, Mickey and I decided He told me to go get this thing or else.  Since I am such a compliant woman...

And there it is.

I also have new glasses, much to the delight of every single person I know.  Because now I might quit complaining about not being able to see stuff.

The kids are all taken care of for the days I am gone. Except the first day.  Yeah, I know.  Shut up.

I will continue to call friends to see if my kids (who, even if I would let them stay by themselves across the street from BLOW Goes Hillbilly, will not do their school work.) [Did you know that more people give up homeschooling and put their kids back in traditional school in February than any other month?]

I will throw my new sweater pants in the bag and gas up the car.

See you there.


Jaima of Ring Around the Rosies said...

Love it! I am very much a newbie, too!!! You're blog is great, and I hope to meet you there!!!

Denise said...

It's spooky how much I relate to this post and your blog in general. I'm 44, too (Class of '85 is alive!), with five awesome bi-racial foster kids, a basic blog I haven't updated in a while, and none of the trappings of the more organized bloggers I keep reading on Twitter and FB for Blissdom.

Can't wait to meet you in person tomorrow or Thursday and meanwhile, keep the faith!

Carrie - ASassyRedhead.com said...

I can NOT wait to hear about it.

You are going to have the time of your life! I am so jealous and excited at the same time I look stupid.

I love, love, love you, girl and promise one day I'm gonna meet you at one of these things!!

Have a ball!!


"Two-star means that when they say non-smoking room, they mean that it isn't on fire."

Funniest. Stuff. Ever.)

Hoosier Farm Babe said...

I'm a newbie too!! Love your post! Hope we get to me!

Jennifer said...

I want lots and lots of updates. Remember I'm living vicariously through you.

Christina Berry said...

I'm confident you will do fine! Hope to see you there! Safe travels!

Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

I'm a newbie, too--really! I hope we get to meet at Blissdom!