Fair Warning: First Blissdom Re-Cap

Things are about to change here at "The Accident."*

After this weekend. After Blissdom. Things are about to change quite a bit.

I will tell the whole story (if only that were possible) in time. But for today, I need you to know:

I got to be silent.  I had a few hours without having to use my mouth; consequently, I am fairly certain I got to complete a thought.

I met some incredible people.

I met some of my own private rock stars; some I had already hoped to meet and a couple of new ones earned status.

The heap o' swag toppled this morning and buried the Small Fry.  We got him out.

My brain was fed.  I hope to process this information into a set of goals and action steps that will make my heroes and teachers proud.  Even the sessions that I felt were kind of, "Meh," as far as personal application for my blog, helped me clarify "What-I'm-About."

It was refreshing to meet dozens of people who blog for real.  IRL, I've had all I could stand with folks flinching when I said, "blog".

I found a place in my heart, that I always believed existed. Far from being a place I locked up because I was uncomfortable, it was a place I had set aside for "special" and forgotten I had.

In that place, I found I know what I am supposed to do.  I am so glad.

For this I am so very, very, grateful.

So.  Consider this fair warning.  Things are about to get real. Unapologetic.  Passionate.  Professional.

Still disorganized.

"The Situation" is thinking of naming his first child after my blog.


Carrie - ASassyRedhead.com said...

"Things are about to get real. Unapologetic. Passionate."


How exciting to see and hear and meet and just soak it all in!

Why can't you just live down the freaking street?


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Wow! Exciting!

Shell said...

So glad we got to meet! :)

Anonymous said...

Thrilled that we got to meet. I now have a new blog to subscribe to :D

Tina L. Hook said...

Love this.

I also learned a great deal and found some more "focus" from my Blissdom experience. And how gratifying to be around real life bloggers for once.

I look forward to seeing where your blog goes.