Kids, Don't Try This At Home.

#1 and #2  are true.

#1 Chinese Adventure Story

Two years ago, Becky and I were sent to China to observe a business.  On our way home, we had a 36 hour layover in Beijing, and she was intent on spending the entire time in the airport.  Um.  No.  After a great deal of convincing, she allowed us to make a reservation at an inexpensive next step up from a hostel Chinese version of the Motel 6.  Unbeknownst to us, our, *ahem*...host, made a reservation some 30 miles from the airport and more than five miles from the end of the airport busline.  We attempted to find a cab at the airport, but were repeatedly told it would be nearly 40 USD.  At the time we didn't know why.  We finally decided the to ride to the end of the busline and walk from there.