The Big Red Re-set Button

I have been going around for months with a lot of niggling symptoms that alone mean nothing, but together add up to stuff. I could list them, but they're pretty dull.  So I went in to see the doctor.  New. Woman.  Doctor.

Have you had a mammogram? No.
How long since your last tetanus shot? 19 years.
Pap? 8 years.
Iron?  Apparently, my blood is NOT thicker than water.
Depression?  Moderate.  Not in need of medication.  (Take that old doctor!)

Diagnosis: Acute I-Didn't-Take-Care-of-Me.

Prognosis: Meh.

In the grocery tonight, I started thinking.  It costs nothing to drink one less cup of coffee.  If I want to exercise, I don't have to buy special clothes or equipment.  I have feet.  I can drink water completely free of charge (okay, like pennies a month).

Sunday night is a good time to have those thoughts.  Monday is a good day to begin anything.

A garbage disposal has a reset button.  It's usually red.  And the first thing you try when it acts up is to hit the reset, because you've probably inadvertently let a fork get down there...


I've always thought we need a button for life.  Like the e*sy button, but the reason that ad works, is that we all know there is no easy button in life.  If there were, we would be looking at the hammer headed neighbors; hitting the button.  Standing in line at the Tag agency. Button.  Kids being exorcist aliens in Target or at bedtime.  Button.  Button.  Button.

What was I saying?

I need a red reset button on my health  Naturally, I want it to be big.  So it's more effective.  Because it's real.

I have an exercise video. I have to get up early.  yay.

I need to remember to take my vitamins.  The doc has prescribed Vitamin D and iron with orange juice.  I took the iron without the o.j.  Do NOT do that.  Trust me.

I have to cut back on coffee.  That's hard because it's winter and in the morning, I use it to make me feel less corpse-like.  Coffee has been linked to reduced risk of prostate cancer.  I have no prostate.  No excuse.

I'd really rather just have the button.

Are you taking care of you?  What health habit makes the biggest impact on how you feel?


Carrie - ASassyRedhead.com said...

This makes me wanna cry. If I had a reset button, I would use it every day. And that's sad.

I would need to reset my health, my faith, my attitude, my relationships, and on and on and on.

The door I walk through every morning? My vitamins sit on a little table RIGHT next to that door. And so does my packed gym bag.

And I walk right past them.

Every. Single. Morning.

If you promise to get a pap and mammogram (and soon), I promise to at least start taking my vitamins. And I'll really, really think hard about walking again.


Jen said...

Oh, I would really LOVE an easy button. I think you're headed in the right direction, though. It sounds like you've got a plan, and that's half the battle :)

Anonymous said...

I do not take care of myself the way I really should. I eat OK, i exercise some but could i do more, of course. i could do lots more actually.
Just take it one step at a time

Michelle said...

I have recently been watching what I eat. I am actually keeping a food journal and that works for me. As far as vitamins, I take them daily and try to do some kind of exercise every day even if it is just pulling weeds.

Jennifer said...

You know what all I've been doing (or making excuses about doing). A reset button sounds divine.

Anonymous said...

Keeping the reins on how much and what I eat has made the biggest impact. I exercise regularly and really enjoy it, but exercising restraint is what's made a lasting difference.

But I drink coffee daily and I'd never give up adult beverages.