Do y'all do this?

Say, for example, some zany thing happens in the grocery store.  Like your kids see a woman who is obviously sporting NO undergarments.  You don't see this, but your daughters assure you it is so, and that they have seen a hooch in the meat dept.  (Not joking.  That's really where she was.)  Your son would have been at eye level.

So then, you think..."How do I blog this?"

Is it because I am new-ish, or rather than new, disorganized and don't have structured time for writing?

Or someone flips you off on the road when you haven't done anything...and you remain calm, because that is one crazy person who will end up on the blog.  "Why yes, that's it.  A whole post about road rage!!!"  That'll teach 'em.

Or perhaps, someone you know obviously pulls back from a conversation when, yet again, their standards for movies in their home, and yours in your home don't align*. We need to sit down and just talk about this. But rather than do that...

Is the blog keeping me from going crazy, or is it making me weird?  Five or six times a day, something funny happens, and I think..."Doh.  Blogging that."  Mostly, I forget by the time I am able to catch a wi-fi signal.  That is why the only things I blog about are the large looming issues like finding a dollar and young teens-who-have-no-sense.

In the case of the road rage, what do I think?  That so many people will read it and mend their strange ways that I will change the world?  In the case of my friend and the movies, if she read the blog, that would be worse for the relationship, because I didn't discuss it with everyone I know her.  In the case of the grocery sto' ho', does anyone really want to read about that?

This week we have:
--taken clothes to the consignment and books to the used bookstore...$62.
--gone to the eye doctor...small fry's eyes are improved and he has a new prescription and we keep patching.
--sold some homeschool curriculum...$60 or so. And counting.
--gone to the holiday concert where I was WAY too into the unfolding story.  Mom needs a life.
--continued work as a household servant to someone who works at Best Buy and lives in one of the most exclusive addresses in town, and whose mother writes my check.  Humble yourself or God will find all your pride and make you look at it.  I have always taught my kids that all work is honorable and you do your best.  I am angry about this assignment and unable to slack off in any way.  Even while I fume, I am doing it better than the last time.
--dropped the kids off at church and ran into another couple who are pretty fun and they took us to Starbuck's.  That was refreshing fun.
--today we have play practice for 3 or 4 hours.  yay.
--tomorrow, I do clean up at the co-op for the afternoon, I get paid. $50.
--Continue to have to blog when Mickey is home and I can borrow his work computer for consistent and timely internet connection.
--So I am ducking out until we can get the dsl up and running again.


Jennifer said...

I would have blogged about all of those things. Your blog is about what you want to say, not about what people want to hear.

Jen said...

I remember my mom cleaning houses when I was little. She'd let me go with sometimes. No shame, Maggie...plus, two of my friends do it for extra cash on the side, and they get paid GOOD money for doing it!
And the first part about blogging...yes!!

Carrie - ASassyRedhead.com said...

Girl, there ain't a day goes by that I don't say to myself, "this shit is going up."

Sorry. Today is a real cussy day for me.

I love, love, love hearing about the everyday stuff of everyone else. It makes me feel so normal and accepted.

You blog about whatever you want. And I'm reading it!!

Joanna said...

Hate to tell you but that is normal. Wait until you start dreaming about blogging.