WW: A Food Story.

 No kidding.  It got like this.


 Attitudes suffered.

 Not all of them.

I hate don't love doing this with the whole crew along.

I was dancing, too. No, I mean I was literally dancing in the aisle at the store.

I wonder if mercy and grace taste like ice cold milk

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Joanna said...

Wow! Your frig is clean! I want to just stare at the pretty picture and tell myself refrigerators CAN be clean! Except....that would mean....I would have to clean it.....um, maybe another day.

I have no choice but to take the whole crew as I can't push 3 grocery carts all by myself.

Penelope said...

I've had those days, lol…at least your kids are good about it. My two men get antsy with low blood sugar, lol.