Another Word for Mother

In January, while in the middle of the homeschooling day...

Daughter: You're Madea.

Me: Um, 'Heller'. Do you smoke crack?

Other Daughter: You're Madea, Mom.

These children have only seen severely edited portions of "antything" having to do with Madea.  I don't smoke, I am not 6'7", or a man underneath my clothes.

I don't carry a gun and I am not a an ex-convict or a grandmother.

And yet, I couldn't help but notice the resemblance.

"Holla Lu Yer"

All I want is for my kids to see past outward appearance to what is on the inside.


If they would just


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Jennifer said...

I see no resemblance.

Unknown said...

ha you are so not Madea. maybe they were just complimenting you on how you;re a take charge, kick butt type of mom?